Sunday, 27 October 2013

Days 12 & 13

Day 12, yesterday: See, this is why I didn't post a video of my "awesome new idea for teaching fronts". I tried it, I didn't like it. Idea discarded! Back to the same old routine with good plans of being pickier about the final goal. So that is what we did this evening. Bennett and I worked positions, front and heel position, speedy speedy speedy, lots of enthusiasm! Play, tug, treats, I want FAST and snappy position changes. So far, so good! Bennett approves of fast and snappy, so we're in agreement.

Day 13, today: Sunday mornings are for lazy naps. Luckily, Romeo and Bennett ran themselves into the ground last night during their fits of zoomies. They were both more than happy to chill and snooze most of the morning ... after potty time and breakfast, of course!

Yesterday, Bennett's ear glue let loose, so I tried to follow instructions from her breeder to fix things. I failed. It was a big goobery, glue-crusty mess! Sewing glue EVERYWHERE! I took advantage of the lazy atmosphere to re-tackle the ear issue. Bennett was a trooper and sat nice and still while I clipped and pulled and brushed to try and sort out the mess. For the most part, she was happy to lay on the couch and chew on the string of my bunnyhug as I fiddled with her ears.

This afternoon, we took our training-so-far on the road! Well ... into the parking lot. Due to space constrictions, I can't do much moving heel work indoors. We've been working positions in the living room and that is fine, but anything with motion is a little awkward. This was our first official attempt at working a moving heel. Overall, I'm REALLY impressed with our progress ... and was even MORE impressed when I got to see it on video. We definitely have a very promising base to build on here, and Bennett even showed me a glimpse of the sassy-pants strut she is going to have once she figures this all out! YAY!! Another prancing Sheltie heel!!

I tried to upload our heel training video, but Blogger complained. So HERE IS THE LINK to the video on Facebook. Most of the people reading this blog will be my friends on Facebook, so it should work. If you somehow found your way here and are NOT my Facebook friend ... I have no idea if you'll be able to see it. Sorry.

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