Thursday, 17 October 2013

Day 3

It was back to work today, so less training got done than in previous days. Bennett spent her first full day crated while I was at work and held her bladder the whole time! YAY girlie! Now, if we could only start speaking the same language for alerts to go out during play time.

Our after work clicker session involved more heel position sits and the start of "stay". We're just working sit-stay for now, and I can get about two steps in front and then back to heel without her breaking. Each day, I like to review what we did previously, and then introduce a little bit of something new. Training sessions are only 10-15 minutes so that she doesn't get frustrated or bored. I split the session up with short crate breaks while I worked Romeo. She has to learn to wait nicely while I'm working the other dogs, so she got to sit in her crate in the same room that Romeo was working, and when she was quiet she got treats.

Gio's been sick the past couple of days, and spent the day at the vets for observation today. He'll be home this evening, but on a very restricted diet, so I don't want to tempt him with food. That means no more treat-training tonight. I think we'll just take the time to play and cuddle!

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