Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Day 0

After a wait of what felt like FOREVER, I finally met Bennett in the flesh on October 13, 2013. I flew from DC to Kelowna, BC, Canada. Bennett and her breeder (and my good friend) met me at the airport. Squishing that little fluffball for the first time made me forget all about the day full of airports and planes! Since my plane got in late, the evening was spent going over health paperwork, how to glue those puppy ears, and growth curves. Then off to bed to catch a tiny bit of sleep before an early flight out the next morning!

Early the next day, Bennett and I set off on our adventure back to Maryland. I made arrangements for her to fly in the cabin with me, and she was a total dream in her carry-on crate. Not a single peep from her through a 3 hour flight to LAX, mad rushes through the airport between customs, inspection, security (again) and gate changes. We didn't have success in finding a pet potty area at LAX and our remaining layover time didn't give me confidence in venturing too far away from our gate. Another 5 hours on a plane from LAX to DC, then another hour making our way to the car and eventually out to pick up the other dogs from the sitter. Wee little Bennett held her bladder ALL day long without a single complaint! She was happy, curious, and patient through all the craziness of the day.

Bennett got to meet "the sitters", a friend of mine from work and her adult son, along with their furry crew ... auntie Storm, uncle Thunder, and crazy auntie Grace (everyone has a crazy aunt, and Grace is Bennett's!) Then home, potty, food, and collapse into bed! She spent the night in her crate in my room, an early morning potty break, and then she joined me and the boys in the bed for a couple more hours of shut-eye (we're taking full advantage of my furlough time!).

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